Our People

Experience and vision, dedicated to your success

Abdo has assembled an unparalleled staff of industry experts, bringing holistic experience to navigate around potential pitfalls and a passion for uncovering new opportunities.

Abdo expands westward

Introducing: Phil Wuollet

Abdo's newest partner and first in our new Arizona-based office.

Phil Wuollet

We are Abdo.

We are a highly responsive advisory partners who bring a deeper level of expertise and empathy to our clients. With almost sixty years of experience, we are familiar with the rugged path to success and how to navigate its twists and turns.

At Abdo, we think differently than other firms. We’re proactive problem-solvers who go above and beyond every time, providing bright, ongoing guidance through every challenge.

Whether you’re an individual, business, or organization, our people are here to help you solve your challenges. 


Meet our team:

Jack Abdo, CPA

Overseeing Abdo’s audit practice, Jack helps organizations navigate the path to success.

Steve Anseth, CPA

Steve brings expertise and passion to nonprofits throughout Minnesota.

Andy Berg, CPA

Andy helps local governments serve their communities more efficiently through auditing and consulting services.

Jana Cinnamon

As Chief Operating Officer, Jana helps lead the day-to-day operations of Abdo.

Scott Danger, CPA, CVA

Scott helps his clients gain a deeper understanding of their business and its value, enabling them to feel confidence in each step they take.

Leah Davis, CPA

With experience and empathy, Leah develops customized solutions to help employers solve their people challenges.

Jay Dunphy, CPA

Jay’s core principle: help clients navigate bumps by strategically planning ahead for challenges.

Brad Falteysek, CPA

Brad specializes in helping schools and local governments improve their processes and serve their communities.

Victoria Holthaus, CPA

Victoria helps her clients better understand their long-term financial position, so they can confidently plan for what’s next.

Kevin Kalal, CPA, MBT

Kevin’s focus is on developing creative solutions for minimizing taxes, managing cash flow and strategic planning.

Wendy Keenan, CPA

Wendy gives her clients peace of mind amid the notoriously complicated regulatory environment.

Scott Mason, CPA

Scott helps family-owned and closely-held businesses stay ahead of the curve.

Doug McDonald, CPA

Doug helps develop solutions for challenges ranging from choosing the right entity type to increasing business value.

Steve McDonald, CPA

Under Steve’s leadership, Abdo has helped governments, nonprofits and businesses find their path to success.

Jean McGann, CPA

As the President of Abdo Financial Solutions, Jean helps develop customized solutions to meet the needs of government organizations.

Judd T. Nordquist, CPA

With extensive industry knowledge, Judd helps business owners navigate complex tax planning, mergers and acquisitions, and cash flow management.

Tom Olinger, CPA

With a passion for finding creative solutions, Tom specializes in both the government and mutual insurance industries.

Chris Powers, CPA

Chris helps her clients confidently navigate tricky tax laws and complex regulatory challenges.

Matt Ringwelski, CPA

Matt helps his clients incorporate best practices like cash flow management, budgeting, and tax planning into their daily operations.

Tara Torseth, CPA, MBT

Tara focuses her practice on helping clients navigate trust and estate planning with ease.

Phillip Wuollet, CPA, M.

Phil leverages teamwork to integrate tax planning into the larger scope of business strategy, helping light the way for economic and operational success.