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Building your career at Abdo is an opportunity to define your own version of success. Learn more about how we’ll work with you to develop your path forward, supported by fellow professionals who are among the best in the field.

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Change can be daunting, especially when you’ve already built experience, reputation, and relationships in your current position. But sometimes a simple change can be just the catalyst you need to boost your career.

Learn about our opportunities for experienced professionals and how you can make a change in your career path. This might be the perfect time for you to forge a brighter way forward.

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We provide unique opportunities for you to grow and manage your career while promoting a balance between professional success and a fulfilling personal life.

One of our Core Values at Abdo is Growth and Development. This is because we truly believe that investing time, energy, and resources into the professional growth and development of our staff is essential for the growth of our firm. Below are some of the major initiatives we’ve undertaken recently in order to invest in our employees and our firm; see all our benefits here.


“My career with Abdo started in 2012 and everyday over the last nine years, I have not only had the opportunity but I am regularly encouraged by firm leadership to use my strengths in building client relationships and bring forth new ideas. During my career, I have been afforded the opportunity to participate in a variety of speaking engagements, attend conferences and develop new trainings and projects.”
—Bonnie Schweiger


“When I made the change from an international CPA firm to a more regional based firm, some of the most important factors in my search were things like a better work-life balance, more entrepreneurial opportunities, the ability to make more independent decisions, and the feeling like I was part of a family - not just another employee. I have found all of those things to be true since joining Abdo. In fact, my experience has been so much greater than just those factors I was looking for. The people at Abdo are absolutely fantastic and their willingness to help you be successful is nothing that I have ever seen before. They truly care about their employees in ways that are hard to describe. To be honest, I was not expecting to get involved in other things outside of Attest work, but since joining the firm I have had opportunities to work on different types of projects, be part of strategic task forces, and help to create plans for achieving long-term firm goals. Abdo has been truly a fantastic place to work thus far and I am excited to see what the future holds for us.”
—DJ Charley

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