Working at Abdo

At Abdo, you’ll grow more than your career. By being a part of an organization dedicated to proactive partnerships and community relationships, you’ll be expanding your experience as a professional as well as a community-minded individual.


Core Values

Our culture is built on the following principles.


We accomplish great things together.

We work cooperatively and collaboratively with others to achieve collective goals. We show this core value when we:

  • Show commitment to the team’s purpose and goals
  • Follow through on our commitments
  • Help co-workers who need or ask for support or assistance
  • Put the needs of the team first

Growth & Development

We get better every day.

We commit to a process of enhancing and developing our career, our team, and the firm. We show this core value when we:

  • Identify opportunities for improvement
  • Set and pursue goals
  • Show a willingness to continuously learn and grow
  • Seek and accept constructive feedback from others
  • Share our expertise with others


We give our best to our clients and to each other.

We develop strong and positive relationships with clients and co-workers. We show this core value when we:

  • Listen and respond effectively
  • Show interest in, anticipate, and respond in a timely fashion to client needs
  • Demonstrate appreciation for others
  • Work effectively with different personalities

Our Culture

At Abdo, we invest in your career in many ways, including physical and mental wellbeing to growth opportunities and professional development. With a comprehensive orientation program, a personalized professional development plan and hands-on training opportunities, you’re empowered to set a vision for your career and are given the appropriate guidance to achieve it.

Firm Events & Volunteering

From our annual Twins Outing to the many volunteer opportunities our staff takes part in over the course of the year, our community comes together in powerful, meaningful ways.


From pay to play, we want our people to feel rewarded and appreciated.


  • Competitive pay
  • 401(k) and profit-sharing plan
  • Bonus program
  • Monetary incentives for earning a CPA license
  • Generous cash incentives for employee referrals

Time Off

  • Generous paid time off (PTO) program
  • Half-day Fridays during June – September
  • 7 paid holidays and 2 partial holidays
  • 24 hours of volunteer time off annually
  • 2 Weeks of paid parental leave and 3 days of paid grandparent leave
  • Various other paid and unpaid leave for occasions such as jury duty, bereavement, etc.

Health & Wellness

  • Medical insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • Long-term disability insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Wellness program
  • Healthy snacks during tax season
  • Sit-to-stand adjustable desks

Additional Perks

Being a member of the Abdo team comes with more than just the standard benefits. Along with compensation, insurance, and time off, you join a network of coworkers through annual social and family events, find comfort and convenience through complimentary coffee, tea, and soda in each office, and build relationships through office games and events like our annual Office Olympics competition. In addition to in-office perks, we’ve recently implemented a number of initiatives within the firm to invest in our employees’ work experience.


“My daughter recently had a baby and with the benefit of grandparent leave, I was able to help support her during the week while her husband was at work. Being a new mom comes with many emotions, a lot of unknowns, and can be exhausting and overwhelming to handle on your own. My daughter appreciated having me there to talk and answer questions. I was there to help with the household duties, to make meals and to allow my daughter time to rest when she needed it most. The best part of grandparent leave is having time to snuggle and connect with the newest member of my family!”

—Jolene Marsh


“Time and time again, team members at our firm come together to serve clients and get things done! Last year, the entire Audit & Attest team rallied together to finish a retirement plan audit just in time for the filing due date! The whole team came together to get it done and it would not have been possible were it not for the hard work of the entire group. And this teamwork approach is not a one-time phenomenon - it’s a natural part of life at Abdo and a core value that we practice every day. Collaboration on both client work and internal projects makes the work a lot more manageable and fun. Plus, by being part of a team at Abdo, you don’t need to know everything. You can rely on the others within the team to do their part to make a project successful. I absolutely love that we all have different strengths and talents and by bringing them all together we can provide fantastic service to our clients - while enjoying our work-life!”

—Wendy Keenan


“Throughout my professional career, it is the relationships I have developed along the way that I value most. When relationships are a continued focus and one of an organization’s core values, you know you have found the right place. For Abdo, relationships aren’t just an idea written down once and never referred to again, they are encouraged every day. The company has ongoing commitment to building relationships and connections - from mentors and buddies, to team meetings, celebration of special events together and planned outings, in teams, as an entire firm. Relationships aren’t just within the firm, though, some of the most important relationships we develop and treasure are with our valued clients with whom we are proud to know and serve.”

—Geniene Scherer