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Process Evaluation & Improvement

Outdated processes and systems lead to redundancies, unreliable outcomes, and frustrated staff. Our customized solutions meet your organization where you are, and guide you on a path to a better tomorrow.

Abdo helps organizations realize their potential through process improvement, turning a potential Achilles’ heel into a manageable, effective way forward.

We find ways to get you past an established workplace culture, tight budgets and deeply ingrained “Because we’ve always done it this way” mentalities to find a change of direction that suits all needs. Abdo understands that you can’t—and shouldn’t—overhaul your processes all at once, and finds the small improvements that can make a big difference.

By truly listening to you and understanding the hurdles you face, our consulting team develops a customized solution for process improvement—one that fits your current situation and is scalable to your future needs.

Process Mapping Documentation

How do transactions and data flow through your organization? Mapping and documenting your processes will provide a clear answer. Process documentation is about more than efficiency; it’s also a risk mitigation strategy. By documenting essential processes, you can better manage and respond to unexpected staffing or work–environment changes. This, in turn, empowers your organization with better efficiency, less redundancy, and a clearer direction.

Process Evaluation: Abdo ProEval

An Abdo ProEval illuminates the path between where you are and where you want to be. First, we’ll meet with you to document and understand your existing processes. Through an objective review, our experts identify what’s working well and potential opportunities for improvement. While our goal is to increase efficiency, we don’t recommend changes for efficiency’s sake. We evaluate internal controls as part of any recommendation for a process change.

Process Evaluation: Abdo ProEval – Kaizen

Does the project seem too large, or the change too overwhelming? The most important thing is to get started. Abdo ProEval – Kaizen is a pared–down version of our ProEval service. Instead of a full operational review, we’ll focus on one aspect of your operations. The Kaizen approach to continuous improvement is designed to give you significant, measurable results—quickly.

Software Inventory & Assessment

It is not unusual for an organization to accumulate similar software across different departments. The problem is this often creates redundancies. To uncover unnecessary overlaps, we’ll inventory and assess your organization’s software. This includes interviewing software users and their reasons for use. As part of the assessment, you will receive recommendations for increasing efficiency and, if possible, reducing software-related costs.

My company has benefited greatly by working with Abdo. They provide us the expertise we need in accounting, systems, and tax without the expense of hiring all of those specialties in-house. Their work with other businesses brings different views and best-practices to our company. I have greater confidence in our financial operations knowing they are by my side.

—Chris Reichert, President | PHT Systems

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Jean McGann, CPA

As the President of Abdo Financial Solutions, Jean helps develop customized solutions to meet the needs of government organizations.

Victoria Holthaus, CPA

Victoria helps her clients better understand their long-term financial position, so they can confidently plan for what’s next.

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Geniene provides leadership to her clients as they navigate process…

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With a passion for processes, Brenda guides clients through change…