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Empowering you with actionable intelligence

Access advanced technology and data systems that meet current needs and provide information to make the right decisions for tomorrow.

Using technology and data to your advantage is critical, creating valuable efficiencies in processes plus providing data for sound decisions. Our advisors empower you with systems and products that give you an edge in today’s ultra-competitive marketplace.

We recommend and implement user-friendly software and dashboards for critical information and real-time analytics, driving your organization ahead—and into the lead.

Sage Intacct

The right financial management technology solution makes all the difference. Abdo has partnered with Sage Intacct to provide our clients a customizable, leading-edge system.

Strategic Data Analytics

Abdo helps you tap into the powerhouse potential in the data you already have on hand.

Abdo Insights

A behind-the-numbers view of best practices and holistic thinking.

Change Management Series: How to Achieve Sustainable Change

You’ve figured out potential solutions and devised a plan for bringing them to life. Now, how do you make your change happen? Read this third in our Change Management Series to get tips for implementing a change.

Spotlighting Issues in Your Firm Using Strategic Data Analytics Part 2: Capacity

The work we do as CPA firms is constantly in flux, which makes gauging staffing capacity a constant challenge. The line between over and under budget is a hard one to walk. Yet knowing where we stand capacity-wise lets us determine if we need to accelerate or decelerate our hiring or reallocate staff members. This is where our strategic data analytics solution, Compass, has proven invaluable.

Abdo expertise

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Our experience delivers proactive problem-solving for any challenge.

Dan Alstrup, Senior Manager, Consulting & Advisory

With nearly 40 years of experience, Dan helps organizations leverage data and technology to increase business intelligence and create actionable insights.

Geniene Scherer, Senior Manager, Consulting & Advisory

Geniene provides leadership to her clients as they navigate process assessment, software evaluation, and strategic data and technology initiatives.