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For nearly 50 years, we’ve gone beyond what a typical auditor provides, helping local governments operate more efficiently.


As a leading governmental auditing firm, we provide accounting, financial management, and auditing services to over 400 governmental entities.

Our government advisors act as a trusted source of guidance, working with local governments to clarify vision, set strategic goals, and deliver solutions for improving the future. With our help, you’ll have the confidence to navigate ever-changing accounting standards, long-term financial planning, operational efficiencies, and other organizational challenges unique to government entities.


Our fluency in the language of financial statements means assurance to all stakeholders.

Government Financial Management

Specialized financial management for local governments.

HR & Payroll

Our focus on complete, customized solutions leads to innovative ways to address today’s HR challenges.

Process Evaluation & Improvement

Customized solutions to help organizations realize their potential.

Government Compensation Studies

Actionable insights to help your organization create a robust compensation strategy.

Case Study

Guiding a Minnesota City Through the Pitfalls of Growth

Carver city leaders realized a more robust financial planning exercise was needed. They needed more than a spreadsheet—they needed to understand the city’s financials, as well as tax impacts to new rates and fees that came with growth and evolving expectations.

“Thanks to Abdo’s forward-thinking guidance and solutions, we feel prepared for the impending challenges of growth.”

—Brent Mareck, Carver City Manager

Abdo Insights

A behind-the-numbers view of best practices and holistic thinking.

Top issues facing local governments in 2024

To give you a better understanding of local government issues that could impact your organization this year, we sat down with Andy to get his insights.

3 Reasons to review your city’s utility rates ASAP

Regardless of your city’s current situation, it’s critical to regularly analyze its future resources for capital projects. A utility rate analysis could help.

I like their willingness to discuss challenges and provide good, thoughtful guidance.

Mark Ebensteiner

Finance Director   |   City of Becker, Minnesota

The team makes it very easy for me to upload my data. They are well organized in their data requests and questions, which limits the amount of my time to complete the audit. We are an extremely small organization and don't have a dedicated finance/bookkeeper on staff, but they do a great job explaining what they need to someone who otherwise manages water quality improvement projects! I appreciate that they come directly to our Board to present the audit findings.

Karen Kill

Administrator   |   Brown's Creek Watershed District

The team is very knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. They are very positive and great to work with.

Maggie Reisdorf

Deputy City Manager   |   City of Watertown, Minnesota

GREAT communication is KEY, and Abdo has that. SUPER friendly and professional staff.

Kimber Austin

American Legion Post 192

Government expertise

Guiding you to the best way forward

Our industry-specific experience delivers proactive problem-solving for any challenge.

Andy Berg, CPA

Andy helps local governments serve their communities more efficiently through auditing and consulting services.

Brad Falteysek, CPA

Brad specializes in helping schools and local governments improve their processes and serve their communities.

Tom Olinger, CPA

With a passion for finding creative solutions, Tom specializes in both the government and mutual insurance industries.

Steve McDonald, CPA

Under Steve’s leadership, Abdo has helped governments, nonprofits and businesses find their path to success.

Jean McGann, CPA

As the President of Abdo Financial Solutions, Jean helps develop customized solutions to meet the needs of government organizations.

Justin Nilson, CPA

Justin enjoys helping local governments create a strategic vision to move forward with confidence.

Victoria Holthaus, CPA

Victoria helps her clients better understand their long-term financial position, so they can confidently plan for what’s next.

Bonnie Schwieger, CPA

Bonnie finds joy in helping local governments navigate the road ahead by sparking creative solutions and developing strategic direction.