University Recruiting

University Recruiting

The future lies in helping young professionals develop their skills and expertise. Abdo develops strategic professional growth opportunities, plus participates in university career fairs and diversity programs to recruit top-tier candidates.

We’d love to meet you.

Whether you’re a student exploring various internship opportunities or a recent college graduate looking for the right firm, we’d like to get to know you.

Abdo Accelerate Program

Whether you’re exploring what a career in a public accounting firm could look like or planning to apply for an internship at the firm, there is no better place to start than with Abdo Accelerate. This multi experience summer program lets you network with our partners and staff, experience our culture, and see firsthand the type of work that new staff is assigned, plus you’ll enjoy fun social activities with firm staff and peers. By the end, you’ll have valuable insight into a public accounting career and life at Abdo.


Our interns get real-world experience through a wide range of accounting responsibilities in our tax, audit, and Financial Solutions departments—no running errands to get dry cleaning or coffee! With a comprehensive training program, an assigned buddy to guide you through the internship, and ongoing feedback, it’s the first step on your path toward a bright future.

Abdo Accelerate and Intern Events

Check out some of our favorite memories from recent Abdo Accelerate and intern bonding events. Between whirly ball, cooking classes, and small group Q&As with some of our partners, you’ll come away with an experience that kick-starts your accounting career.


“Looking for your first internship can be an intimidating experience. I set out looking for somewhere I felt at home, and Abdo became that place for me. From my first Experience Abdo program and throughout my internship and now career, I have always felt like a welcomed and valued member of the team.”
—Abby Schmidt


“When I was applying to internships, one of the most important things for me to consider was the firm’s culture. After attending the Experience Abdo Summer Program, it was apparent that Abdo was a firm filled with people who were willing to go above and beyond to make everyone feel welcome. During my internship, my initial thoughts were confirmed as I immediately felt like part of the team. Abdo is a place where people work hard, support one another, and have fun while doing it.”
—Brittney Olson


“When looking for a public accounting firm that I wanted to work for, I tried to find a firm that had people and relationships as a central or core value. While attending the Abdo Accelerate program and subsequent internship it became evident that Abdo would definitely fit that mold. Abdo values our people, our clients, and our peers. Whether it is the multiple firmwide events, putting on webinars for clients, or developing young staff, the core focus of these activities is to develop teamwork and relationships with others. The reason why we emphasize this is because it brings the best out in people, makes them comfortable, brings out the best success, and is FUN!”
—John Juntunen

Current Openings

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