Case Studies

Empowering clients with holistic solutions

We’re one of the top accounting firms in Minnesota. The secret to our success: we put our clients’ success first. See how we do it in our revealing, informative case studies.

How one nonprofit addressed their unique financial challenges

Nonprofits like Minnesota-based Project for Pride in Living need specialized accounting software capable of addressing the distinctive challenges of the industry and that can handle shifting and changing circumstances in every area of the organization.

Addressing the financial reporting process for a local nonprofit

Minnesota-based non-profit Pillsbury United Communities (PUC) sought a customizable and flexible software that could handle complex accounting needs and conduct in-depth analysis. With Sage Intacct, they got a game-changer.

Empowering a Manufacturer in a Changing Marketplace

Dayton Rogers’s ability to handle complicated metal forming jobs is unmatched. However, the company’s history and age made adapting to a changing marketplace feel like an overwhelming hurdle.

Illuminating the Path Ahead for a Family-Owned Remodeling Company

The construction marketplace is constantly in flux; achieving meaningful growth within it requires an ever-evolving strategy. This, of course, can be difficult when you have a business—or in the case of the Schmidt brothers, multiple businesses—to run.

Helping a Tech Startup Clear the Way for Exciting Possibilities

phData’s leaders saw an opportunity to better meet their customers’ needs by acquiring another company. The only hitch was no one—at either company—had gone through an acquisition before.

Guiding a Minnesota Nonprofit Through Turbulent Times

In early 2020, MRCI was in the midst of transitioning to a more sustainable community-based service model. Then COVID-19 struck, and government shutdowns forced MRCI to cease operations.

Guiding a Minnesota City Through the Pitfalls of Growth

Carver city leaders realized a more robust financial planning exercise was needed. They needed more than a spreadsheet—they needed to understand the city’s financials, as well as tax impacts to new rates and fees that came with growth and evolving expectations.

The Transformative Power of Strategic Data Analytics for CPA Firms

The business world has extolled the “power of data” for nearly a decade. Yet few small to mid-sized businesses have actually found a way to harness it. In 2019, we set out to design and build a strategic data analytics solution for our firm. Here’s how it’s transformed the way we do business.

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What our clients say

Abdo is organized and has an excellent system in place. Their secret ingredient is their excellent people, they care and they are responsive. They helped me clean up a messy tax situation when I first came to them.

I like the cooperative attitude and the feeling that we are both working toward the same goal of an accurate financial report. Some firms see the audit as an opportunity to find and amplify management accounting mistakes and misunderstandings.

I appreciate their balance of patience, thoroughness, and humor both with our clients and with us as accountants. It truly feels like a collaboration, which makes audits feel less intimidating for everyone!