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Our integrated team of advisors provides practical, independent, and data-centric financial, accounting, tax, and operational guidance throughout the deal continuum, from the earliest stages of market and target evaluation through deal completion or exit. By working across multiple disciplines and services, we help clients navigate the complexities of buy-side and sell-side transactions with ease.


From beginning to end, our transaction advisors guide your business through the ups and downs of operations - ensuring that you have a plan for success at every stage.

M&A Advisory Services

Whether you’re buying or selling, we offer a clear view of risks and possibilities.

Business Valuation

Complete, timely valuation as well as ongoing advice to maximize company value.

Succession Planning

When it's time to let go, help to set the next generation of your business up for success.

The Lifecycle of a Business

Every business is different, and every stage of its life cycle requires diligent planning to minimize risk and maintain a competitive edge. Regardless of where your business is along this path, unique opportunities will arise, presenting their own risks and rewards. Making the journey successfully requires skill, planning and proper execution with a partner who can help you make informed, strategic decisions along the way. At Abdo, our holistic approach to optimizing transactional outcomes is unique to each client’s situation and needs from start to finish.

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1   |   Business Formation

When forming your business, it's important to consider what kind of business you're creating from a financial and operational standpoint. At this stage, think about choosing an entity structure that will fit your goals and plans for the long term. Our business consulting services can help light the way.

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2   |   The Growth of Your Business

As your business grows, Abdo is alongside you through every stage. Whether you're focused on value growth or the growth of your workforce, we're here to guide you with our holistic service approach.

We can help to find process improvements to increase your productivity and reduce costs, guide you through strategic acquisitions and watch your business grow virtually overnight, or monitor value growth through our comprehensive business valuation services.

For many businesses, growth can also bring added requirements, regulations, and operational changes. This is particularly true when it comes to Human Resources. Thankfully, we have an entire team of HR & Payroll experts to help you navigate this complex environment.

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3   |   Succession Planning

You've seen your business go through many changes in your time with it. You may have seen some incredible growth, a few hard times, or the unknown future brought about by a global pandemic. Whatever has brought about the change, you're ready to consider a transition.

Some of the most important questions to ask at this point in the life of your business are how will you plan for succession and how will you assess - and possibly increase - business value.

When considering a transition, forward is not the only direction to be looking. It's important to ensure you're also looking at your past and current financial reporting standards - now will be the time to review and clean up your books in preparation for what's to come.

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4   |   Transition Planning

Once the decision has been made, there are many factors that must be considered when planning for a business transition. These include, but are not limited to:

    • Detailed planning around the succession of your business.
    • Whether to sell the business externally or pass it on to a family member or trusted employee.
    • Preparation of your business for market.
    • Optimization of your business value for immediate or eventual sale.
    • Calculation of proceeds from the sale of the business and planning for the management of these proceeds post-sale.
    • Tax planning in preparation for the business transaction.

Our team understands the complexities involved with each step in the planning process and can help to bring clarity and vision to see you through to your end goal.

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5   |   Transaction Management & Implementation

Large business transactions such as the sale or purchase of a business present a number of critical questions, complex procedures, and intimidating unknowns. Our M&A advisors provide a clear path toward a successful transaction through an understanding of your business and knowledge of the transaction process. This process may include, but is not limited to:

    • Purchase or sale consulting, including assistance in creating a Letter of Intent, a business valuation, and return on investment/payback analysis.
    • Due diligence in financial-related areas
    • Quality of Earnings reporting
    • Net working capital calculations and advising
    • Review of the tax and financial sections of the Purchase Agreement.
    • Buy/Sell Agreement consulting

Feel confident as you move through the complexities of your business transaction - we can help.

Thinking through things like personnel issues, critical regulatory compliance, compensation, and benefits, and talent retention is critical to a successful transition of business. If you've gone through a merger or acquisition, it's important to develop a plan for moving ahead as one organization. Abdo has a team of experienced HR professionals who can help to facilitate and advise on all aspects of the M&A process, with particular emphasis on this phase of transition and implementation.

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6   |   Post-sale Considerations

You've successfully transitioned out of your business. Whether through an internal buyout or through an M&A process, you'll likely find an increase in the size of your financial accounts. The question you'll now need to ask is: what do I do with these proceeds?

With personal financial planning and wealth management services, you'll feel confident that your financial health is taken care of and that you're doing the right things to ensure the security of yourself and your family for years to come.

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DJ collaborates with his clients through financial and operational challenges – providing peace of mind on the path forward.