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At Abdo, we understand that with financial complexities and workforce challenges on the rise, businesses and organizations often need additional expertise or outsourced support to successfully drive scalable growth. Effective leaders recognize the value of leveraging a strategic partner to help them achieve their goals.

When there are gaps in resources, optimizing operational processes, harnessing technology, remaining compliant with ever-evolving regulations, and leveraging data to make impactful decisions can be challenging to achieve – and yet they are crucial. Whether you’re looking for back-of-the-office support or a transformational partner, Abdo has a robust, interconnected ecosystem of solutions that can be tailored to your specific needs. Through our comprehensive portfolio of Client Accounting and Advisory Services (CAAS), we provide the expertise, insights, and support needed to help you navigate today’s dynamic business landscape with confidence.

Client Advisory Services

Our Approach

As a firm, our focus on client service puts relationships at the forefront of how we work. In our CAAS engagements, this takes on an even more cyclical nature, with continuous improvement, evaluation, and planning engrained into the process.

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Step 1

We take the time to understand where your organization is and where you want to take it.

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Step 2

Together with you, we develop the plan to accomplish your goals.

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Step 3

We collaborate to put your plan into action with a clear path forward.

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Step 4

Once we're off and running, we'll continually evaluate progress—adapting the plan as necessary.

Service Levels

With each level of service comes a different set of tasks and a unique strategy for creating value. Below are our service offerings based on level. To learn more about each, simply click "Learn More" at the bottom of the section.


Outsourced Accounting

Achieve growth faster and more efficiently by outsourcing non-core processes that are time-consuming, repetitive, and resource-intensive, but are crucial for operations. 


Level 2



From advanced budgeting and cost accounting to audit readiness and strategic tax planning—empower your organization with the financial expertise and precision needed to thrive in today's complex landscape.


Level 3

CFO/Finance Services

We'll collaborate beyond the day-to-day tasks to craft and execute financial strategies aligned with your organization's goals. Through comprehensive financial reporting, forecasting, and analytics, stakeholders will get critical insights into your financial health now and on the path forward.


Level 4

Strategic Partner Services

Effective leaders need space and “altitude” to successfully chart the course for the future of their organization, but time and capacity is often limited. We serve as your strategic advisor on big-picture objectives from strategic planning and market analysis to growth strategy and human capital.


our expertise

Guiding you to the best way forward

Our experience delivers proactive problem-solving for any challenge.

Project-based consulting

Ready to level-up? With a shorter, project-based approach, you can boost your organization to the next level and improve your operations in a big way with a smaller investment. These projects can also be a great way to find the gaps and determine your next areas of focus. From tech stack development and operational reviews to audit preparation and software evaluation, our team discovers the squeaky wheel and develops a plan to fix it. We can consult on a variety of different challenges through a project-based approach, including:  

Project-based consulting services include:

QuickBooks Online implementation & consulting

Sage Intacct implementation & consulting

Automation, software evaluation, & implementation 

Operational Reviews  

Process evaluation & improvement


Specialized knowledge to meet your unique needs

From outsourcing processes to insights that will see you through strategic planning, our deep industry expertise adds further context to our working relationship. We understand the nuances, challenges and trends that impact a broad range of sectors, and this translates to helping our clients make well-informed, strategic decisions that are unique to their field. When you partner with Abdo, you gain a competitive edge – unlocking opportunities, mitigating risks, and ultimately achieving your financial and organizational goals with confidence.


A behind-the-numbers view of best practices and holistic thinking.

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4 Signs your business needs an outsourced CFO or controller

When you’re running your business, it can be hard to also manage its finances. Access financial expertise without adding to your payroll by working with an outsourced CFO or controller.


Outsourced Accounting

One way that organizations can achieve growth faster and more efficiently is by outsourcing non-core business processes that are time-consuming, repetitive, and resource-intensive, but are crucial for operations. By outsourcing these tasks, organizations can focus on their core competencies and strategic objectives while improving efficiency, reducing costs, enhancing service quality, and freeing up internal resources.  

Process outsourcing has become a valuable strategy for organizations looking to remain competitive and agile in a rapidly changing business environment. Our advisors have spent years developing specialized expertise so that we can offer outsourced services that are up-to-date with the latest industry practices and technologies that save our clients time, money, and resources.  

Service Detail

Our outsourced accounting services include things like:

  • Payables Management 
  • Receivables Management 
  • Bank Reconciliations 
  • Sales Tax Return Preparation and Filing 


Effective financial management is the cornerstone of any successful organization. Our Controllership Services are designed to empower you with the financial expertise and precision needed to thrive in today's complex business landscape. From meticulous financial reporting for clear decision-making to robust internal controls safeguarding your assets, we navigate the complexities of financial regulations, ensuring compliance with accounting standards and tax laws. Our support extends to budgeting, financial analysis, cash flow optimization, tax planning, audit readiness, and strategic guidance. We're your partners in financial excellence, providing the insights and tools you need to chart a successful path forward. 

Service Detail

Our controllership services encompass a wide range of services, including:

  • Spend Management 
  • Cash Management 
  • Cost Accounting 
  • Monthly Close 
  • Financial and Management Reporting Preparation 
  • Budget Creation & Monitoring
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CFO/Finance Services

Modern CFOs face unique challenges, complexities, and an ever-changing business environment. Whether your organization is in transition, experiencing rapid growth, or in need of strategic hiring, Abdo’s advisors can provide guidance and support to illuminate the path ahead. From financial strategy and reporting to risk management and investment analysis, Abdo is passionately committed to helping you make better decisions towards optimal growth, sustainability, and profitability.  

We collaborate in the way that works best for you – be it virtually or in-person – to craft and execute financial strategies aligned with your organization's goals. We ensure clear, accurate financial reporting, empowering stakeholders with insights into your financial health. Our process expertise extends to budgeting, cash flow management, risk mitigation, investment analysis, M&A support, cost optimization, and financial compliance. Additionally, we leverage cutting-edge financial technologies and industry benchmarking KPIs, integrating dashboards through PowerBI to streamline your financial processes.  

Our experienced professionals provide a wide range of advisory services for CFO functions that empower our clients to navigate complex financial matters with ease.  

Service Detail

Our CFO/finance services include things like:

    • Budgeting Process
    • Financial Goal Setting
    • Forecasting
    • Monitoring KPIs
    • Data Analytics
    • Benchmarking vs. Market
    • Trend Analysis
    • Advanced Financial Modeling
    • Monthly Meetings
pay equity

Strategic Partner Services

Every organization has a mission or goal. Engaging with a strategic partner provides you with a guide and a roadmap to help you fulfill your mission. But beyond the cost savings of tapping into “on-demand” talent, there are other advantages to collaborating with other professionals who understand your vision and the challenges that you face.

Effective leaders need space and “altitude” to successfully chart the course for the future of their organization, but oftentimes they are so busy with day-to-day operations, having the capacity to think forward is limited. This is where our people shine – we serve as your strategic advisor to lead you down the path of smart business decisions that will get you to your goal. Our experts are here to facilitate the process, not just help you check off a list. We ask the big questions, provide much needed, non-biased assessments, challenge the status quo, and help you unlock innovations along the way.

Service Detail

With our strategic partner services, we collaborate with you on all sorts of topics such as:

  • Identify financial & non-financial KPIs that impact your business 
  • Business Planning 
  • Market Analysis 
  • Human Capital 
  • Strategic Analysis 
  • SWOT Analysis 
  • Growth Planning 
  • Strategic Planning Facilitation 
  • Monthly Meetings 
Client Advisory Services expertise

Guiding you through all levels of accounting needs

Our broad range of experience delivers proactive problem-solving for any challenge.

Jay Dunphy, CPA

Jay’s core principle: help clients navigate bumps by strategically planning ahead for challenges.


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