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The power of light: Reflections from the 2024 solar eclipse

When Abdo’s Chief Operating Officer, Jana Cinnamon, traveled to Niagara Falls to see the solar eclipse, she wasn’t expecting much of a spectacle. But the experience left her in awe.

Better tax break when applying the research credit against payroll taxes

The credit for increasing research activities is a valuable tax break for eligible businesses and has a feature that’s particularly favorable to eligible small businesses.

Q&A: What an accounting internship at Abdo is really like

To get a clearer picture of our internship program, we sat down with two 2024 interns to get their takes on it.

3 Reasons to review your city’s utility rates ASAP

Regardless of your city’s current situation, it’s critical to regularly analyze its future resources for capital projects. A utility rate analysis could help.

How construction company owners can build a succession plan framework

At some time or another, construction company owners must hang up their hard hats. Having a succession plan in place is key to ensuring business continuity.

How to make the most of your organization’s in-kind contributions

Despite being non-financial, non-cash donations (a.k.a. in-kind contributions) can help to bolster your organization’s bottom line. Check out these three ways to make the most of them.

How automation can help fill your staffing gaps

Like many other employers suffering through the so-called Great Resignation, some nonprofits are struggling to fill — and keep filled — all of their positions. Automating processes with software could provide relief for organizations of every size.

Does Your Service-Based Business Qualify for the Qualified Business Income Deduction?

The 199A deduction is still widely misunderstood. Much of the confusion surrounding it can be traced to this media-driven myth: service-based businesses do not qualify for the deduction. If you own a service-based business and have wondered about your eligibility, here’s what you should know.

How a financial statement audit could benefit your startup

Starting a business comes with a lengthy to-do list. One thing to consider adding to yours: securing a financial statement audit.

From quality control to quality management: New AICPA quality standards are here—is your firm ready?

If your accounting firm issues reports on financial statements, you likely know the AICPA issued new standards on quality management last year. Although the standards aren’t effective until late 2025, it’s imperative to start implementing them now.

Prepare your manufacturing business for future tax law changes

With many provisions within the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) expiring in late 2025, several state and federal tax law changes may impact manufacturing businesses, including one that will impact manufacturers who engage in R&D.

Non-monetary donations: What to do with kindness in-kind

Non-cash donations to a nonprofit organization are called in-kind contributions, and they come with their own set of requirements—that apply to both the nonprofit and its donors.