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Don’t let these 5 things stop your nonprofit organization from growing

Growing your nonprofit organization requires more than a well-crafted strategy. You also need efficient administrative processes. Discover five tips for enhancing your organization’s processes.

What your organization should know about GASB 96

If your organization is like most, it maintains several—if not dozens—of software subscriptions. Now, thanks to GASB Statement No. 96, your organization will need to account for and disclose these subscriptions.

Pocket a tax break for making energy-efficient home improvements

Have you heard there’s an enhanced tax credit for making energy-efficient home improvements, beginning this year? Check out these rules.

Educational assistance programs can be used to help pay student loans

The IRS has issued a reminder that employers can use educational assistance programs to help employees pay off their student loans and will hold a webinar to discuss the details.

Can you deduct student loan interest on your tax return?

The student loan payment pause ended on August 31st. Be aware that interest is deductible for some borrowers subject to certain limits. Check out these rules around deduction.

Strong billing processes are critical to healthy cash flow

Cash flow is the lifeblood of a successful company, and your billing processes have a huge impact on it. Here’s how to maintain strong practices and ensure healthy cash flow.

Streamlining onboarding compliance: Introducing the revised Form I-9

On August 1, 2023, The USCIS announced the publication of the revised Form I-9 which aims at enhancing user-friendliness and compliance efficiency.

Has your nonprofit had a change of location or identity?

To avoid IRS consequences and keep your tax-exempt status, it’s important for nonprofits to file Form 8822-B when changing location or identity.

3 Big inventory issues for construction companies

Construction businesses can save time and avoid hassle by maintaining an inventory of critical materials and supplies. But managing that inventory for tax purposes can be challenging.

Abdo Accelerate: Investing in people and our future

Now in its eleventh year, Abdo Accelerate has evolved into a summer-long experience that officially kicked off in early May.

That email or text from the IRS: It’s a scam!

The IRS will never contact you by email, text or social media channels about a tax bill or refund. Most IRS contacts are first made through regular mail. Be on guard for any suspicious messages as IRS scams are on the rise.

In financial planning, forecasts and projections aren’t the same

No business owner has a fully functional crystal ball. But a carefully created forecast or projection can help you better prepare for the future.