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Unlock tax savings with the R&D tax credit: A guide for architectural firms

Leveraging the R&D tax credit can help your architecture firm offset a portion of its research and development expenses, allowing you to reinvest in future innovations.

Engineering solutions: Leveraging the R&D tax credit for your engineering firm

Initially aimed at traditional industries, the R&D tax credit now covers the broad field of engineering, emphasizing the importance of R&D in shaping the future of infrastructure and technology.

Maximizing innovation: How manufacturers can qualify for the R&D tax credit

Whether aiming to boost efficiency or invent new products, the R&D tax credit can help manufacturers leverage natural innovation and reinvest in growth.

How to leverage the R&D tax credit for your software company

Through the R&D tax credit, software companies can discover the power of re-investing in themselves to save money and make the most of their innovative activities.

How to prepare your organization for the SEC’s new climate disclosure rule

Experts say the SEC’s climate disclosure rule is still coming. Here are three things you should consider doing now to prepare your organization.

2024 HR compliance essentials for Minnesota employers

Partner Leah Davis helps to break down some of the 2024 HR compliance updates happening across Minnesota and the actions you should take to be prepared.

Reverse sales and use tax audits can reveal refund opportunities for manufacturers

Don’t leave manufacturing tax exemptions on the table. Learn how a reverse sales and use tax audit can uncover potential tax savings.

Top issues facing local governments in 2024

To give you a better understanding of local government issues that could impact your organization this year, we sat down with Andy to get his insights.

The art of being useful in your business

Abdo’s managing partner, Steve McDonald, highlights two guiding principles of “being useful” in your business.

How will CECL impact your nonprofit?

Although FASB’s CECL impairment model directly impacts financial institutions, nonprofits are not spared from its effects. Find out how CECL could impact your nonprofit organization.

4 Signs your business needs an outsourced CFO or controller

When you’re running your business, it can be hard to also manage its finances. Access financial expertise without adding to your payroll by working with an outsourced CFO or controller.

7 tasks for a successful nonprofit finance committee

An active finance committee is crucial to maintain a nonprofit’s health and reputation. The success of a finance committee depends on the board, staff and committee members understanding the committee’s duties.