Abdo helps you tap into the powerhouse potential in the data you already have on hand with our strategic data analytics solution – Abdo Compass.

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Your organization generates an incredible amount of data each day, but tapping into this valuable resource is easier said than done. Abdo’s experienced consultants help you harness the power of your data so you can quickly make informed decisions, improve operational performance, free your staff from manual processes, increase your bottom line and navigate the path toward a bright future.

We leverage the appropriate technology and tools, including Microsoft Power BI, to identify data points and key performance indicators (KPIs) that matter most to your day-to-day operations. These can include profit margins, budget-to-date totals, or even donor demographics. Working with you and your team, we aggregate your critical data into one cloud-based platform. An easy-to-read data dashboard is then available to provide critical insights, guide operational decisions, and spark strategic vision.

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Spotlighting Issues in Your Firm Using Strategic Data Analytics Part 2: Capacity

The work we do as CPA firms is constantly in flux, which makes gauging staffing capacity a constant challenge. The line between over and under budget is a hard one to walk. Yet knowing where we stand capacity-wise lets us determine if we need to accelerate or decelerate our hiring or reallocate staff members. This is where our strategic data analytics solution, Compass, has proven invaluable.

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