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Whether you need help with financial planning or you are looking toward retirement, it’s important to have Abdo’s knowledgeable guides to help illuminate the path ahead.

Abdo expertise helps our clients build plans for retirement, as well as ensuring that loved ones will be cared for as well. Our partnership with OneDigital provides personal wealth management and retirement planning consulting. The integration of our accounting, tax and advisory services with OneDigital’s wealth advisory services helps us provide individuals and businesses with solutions to grow, protect and transfer wealth.

The advisors at OneDigital can collaborate with your Abdo team to develop your financial plan, analyze your investment portfolio, and create a clear vision for the future of your assets.


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To file or not to file a gift tax return, that is the question

If you’re giving gifts this year you may be wondering if you need to file a gift tax return. In fact, there are situations when it’s necessary (or desirable) to file even if you’re not liable for any gift tax.

Plan carefully to avoid GST tax surprises

Designed to ensure that wealth is taxed at each generational level, the GST tax is among the harshest and most complex in the tax code. If you want to share some of your wealth with your grandchildren, it’s critical to plan ahead.

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