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White House Launches Clean Energy Tax Credit

The Biden administration has rolled out a new webpage for taxpayers to learn more about how to claim various energy tax credits under the Inflation Reduction Act.

Toyota Electric Vehicle Credit Phaseout

Toyota is the latest auto manufacturer to sell enough plug-in electric vehicles to trigger a gradual phaseout of federal tax incentives for specified models sold in the U.S.

IRS Launches “Authenticated” Voice Bots

The next time you contact the IRS by phone, it’s likely that you’ll end up speaking to a voice bot. The IRS launched “authenticated” voice bots this year, and they’re now operating at 100% capacity.

Summertime Tax Topics

The IRS reminds taxpayers of some of the summer activities that may impact next year’s return.

An Update on the Enhancing American Retirement Now (EARN) Act

The SECURE Act 2.0 bill has taken another step closer to becoming law. On June 22, the Senate Finance Committee unanimously approved its version of the bill, now dubbed the Enhancing American Retirement Now (EARN) Act.

The Electric Vehicle Tax Credit

Leading electric automakers have asked Congressional leaders to give all electric car and light truck buyers a tax credit of up to $7,500, saying they believe “a sunset date set for a time when the EV market is more mature” makes good economic and environmental sense.

Talk of increasing the 2022 standard mileage rate

Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives have asked IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig to increase the 2022 standard mileage rate used to deduct the cost of operating a vehicle for business purposes.

The Trust Fund Recovery Penalty (TFRP)

Businesses that withhold taxes from employees and others but don’t pay them over to the IRS may face a penalty equal to 100% of the unpaid tax.

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Tracking business income through third-party payors

If you receive business income payments through third-party payors, 2022 might be a game changer for your taxes.

Employee or Independent Contractor?

Employee or independent contractor? When a court must decide how workers are to be classified, it looks at various factors.

Important Reminder: How the IRS Contacts Taxpayers

During this busy tax season, the IRS is reminding individuals how it will and, more importantly, won’t contact taxpayers.

Cryptocurrency vs. NFTs From a Tax Perspective

Cryptocurrency and nonfungible tokens (NFTs) are far from interchangeable from a tax perspective. A lack of IRS guidance has left tax experts to speculate on the nuances of how various digital assets may be treated.

IRS Explains Taxability of Crowdfunding Income

Crowdfunding may be used to fund business ideas, help families pay medical bills or raise money for charity, but bear in mind that the income raised by crowdfunding may be taxable.

Do You Owe a “Nanny Tax” For Your Household Worker?

Did you employ a household worker in 2021? This could include a housekeeper, nanny, gardener, cook, health care worker, tutor or someone else. If so, you may owe what’s commonly called the “nanny tax.”

2022 Foreign Housing Cost Exclusions

The IRS issues the 2022 foreign housing cost exclusions. A U.S. citizen or U.S. resident alien living abroad can elect to exclude the foreign earned income and housing cost amount from gross income (subject to limitations).

New Bill Signed Includes Aid for Ukraine

On March 11, President Biden signed a $1.5 trillion omnibus spending bill into law. The headline is that the bill includes $13.6 billion in aid for Ukraine.

Reporting Virtual Currency Transactions

It’s a simple “yes” or “no” question, but you must answer it on your Form 1040 or Form 1040-SR: At any time during 2021, did you receive, sell, exchange or otherwise dispose of any financial interest in any virtual currency?

Ensure Accurate Employer Tax Withholdings

This tax season, some taxpayers will be shocked to learn that they owe money to the IRS, perhaps because their employer didn’t withhold enough from their wages. But it’s your responsibility to ensure withholding is adequate – we can help.

Reporting Income in the Gig Economy

If you’ve earned income from the gig economy, the IRS is reminding you that those wages are taxable and must be reported.

IRS Warns of Unemployment Scams

With tax season well underway, the IRS warns taxpayers to remain on guard when it comes to security. Be especially mindful, says the IRS, of scams involving unemployment benefits.