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Don’t let these 5 things stop your nonprofit organization from growing

September 18, 2023

by Jackie Reckmann

Nonprofit Administration

Positioning your organization for growth requires more than a well-crafted strategy. No matter how ambitious your plans may be, they can only be realized if your administrative processes are up to the task. Without efficient processes, your organization could be hindered in carrying out critical nonprofit administration functions ranging from operations to financial management—and ultimately in achieving its goals.

In other words, your organization can only grow as big as your administrative processes can support.

What are administrative processes?

Your organization’s administrative processes include tasks related to financial management, accounts payable and receivable, data management, and regulatory compliance. Think of them as the nuts and bolts that keep your organization running smoothly. If your administrative processes are outdated or inefficient, you might notice errors, bottlenecks, and duplication of efforts. It may even feel like you’re spinning your wheels.

To help your organization secure a strong foundation for growth, here are five tips for establishing and maintaining efficient administrative processes.

Consider automation

“Automation” is the act of automating certain processes within an organization. Although it often relies on software, it’s not about reducing your organization’s headcount. Instead, it’s about looking for ways to reduce redundancies and repetitive tasks. Doing so can allow your staff members to focus more on the activities that will help your organization grow.

Dig into digital

Exploring options for new technology can go a long way toward streamlining administrative processes. For example, an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system can significantly enhance your organization’s operational and financial management. These days, many such systems are cloud-based, giving you flexibility and scalability for nonprofit administration as your organization evolves.

Don’t overlook training

Your processes are only as good as the people who put them to use. Your staff members should feel confident about using any new software or systems and have a firm grasp of the why behind every process. For this reason, be sure to include staff training in any process implementation.

Opt for outsourcing

If your team lacks the bandwidth for a new administrative process, outsourcing could be the solution. Relying on external resources for certain nonprofit management tasks could free your staff members to focus on work that furthers your organization’s mission or achieves its goals.

Outsourcing also can help you avoid challenges related to staff turnover. With it, you’re hiring the expert instead of having to train a new staff member to be the in-house expert…over and over again.

Commit to continuous improvement

Your organization will evolve and grow over time. It’s important to regularly review your administrative processes to make sure they’re still effective and identify areas for improvement. Doing so can help you proactively resolve inefficiencies before they cause issues.

Regularly reviewing your organization’s processes can also help you find and eliminate “legacy processes”—i.e., processes that exist because “this is the way we’ve always done it.” As times change and technology for nonprofit management advances, these processes may no longer be needed. Often, they can be replaced with a more efficient solution!

Harness the power of processes

Efficient administrative processes are a must if your organization wishes to grow. Evaluating your organization’s existing processes and exploring ways to streamline them is a good place to start. If you’re having trouble taking the first step, the experts at Abdo can help. From process mapping to improvements to new accounting software, we can guide you to a brighter path.

To learn more about how we can help, contact us today.


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Jackie lights the path forward for nonprofit organizations through creative solutions and proactive problem solving.

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