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Case Study

Addressing the financial reporting process for a local nonprofit

January 30, 2024

Sage Intacct enables Minnesota-based nonprofit Pillsbury United Communities to handle complexity with ease

Pillsbury United Communities (PUC) is a Minnesota-based nonprofit comprised of a united system of programs, neighborhood centers, and social enterprises empowering individuals and families across the region to own their future on their own terms. PUC’s impact spans:

Charter Schools

More 9,000 children enrolled in charter schools

Food Accessibility

More than one million pounds of food distributed

Early Education

100% success rate in kindergarten readiness


The non-profit operates multiple entities across multiple locations including non-profit-specific assets, like buildings, and had a similarly complex system set-up to manage all of it. As a result, PUC found itself needing a customizable and flexible software that could handle complex non-profit accounting requirements and conduct in-depth analysis of both accounting and processes. “We were seeking the best accounting software,” recalls Timothe Mattheisen, director of finance, PUC.


PUC specifically needed flexibility in the system setup and is pleased that with Sage Intacct, they have a system that aligns with the type of work they do. Instead of fitting their operations to the accounting system, PUC now has the accounting matching the operations. This in turn enables PUC to do more from within the software.


The alignment of its operational and accounting needs has led to incredible efficiencies for PUC. The partnership with Abdo enabled PUC to combine their accounting and processes “and in turn, be much more efficient in everything we’re doing” explains Mattheisen.


Recognizing that information is power, PUC can now produce accurate financial information much faster within the system. What once before took two weeks now takes minutes, which Mattheisen refers to as a “game-changer.” With Sage Intacct, Mattheisen and his team have the tools and reporting to be more proactive “You can ditch Excel!” exclaims Mattheisen, adding that he was nervous at first to do so because he’d used Excel for the past 10 years. “Sage Intacct enables you to better track information and produce more reports from within the system and you’re saving time from having to cut and paste information. It’s been breeze. It’s absolutely amazing!”

“It’s been a real pleasure working with Abdo, I do feel we had achieved a major success story together with the migration to Sage. Both the FTE effort and days required to close have been divided by two, and it provides the agency with much better data points for decision making and strategizing!”

Head of Finance

Meet the Team Lead

Geniene Scherer, CPA | Senior Manager, Consulting & Advisory

Geniene provides leadership to her clients as they navigate process assessment, software evaluation, and strategic data and technology initiatives.

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