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Case Study

Illuminating the Path Ahead for a Family-Owned Remodeling Company

October 26, 2021

AMEK Design + Build is a Twin Cities-based remodeler owned by three brothers: Andrew, Matt, and Paul Schmidt. Founded by Andrew and Matt in 1996 as a roofing company, AMEK has grown into a nationally renowned industry leader—and is one of several businesses owned by the entrepreneurial family. We’ve served as AMEK’s tax and business advisors since 2006.



Growth in any business isn’t easy, even if it comes quickly. Andrew, who is AMEK’s CEO, and his brothers have learned this firsthand over the years. The construction marketplace is constantly in flux; achieving meaningful growth within it requires an ever-evolving strategy. This, of course, can be difficult when you have a business—or in the case of the Schmidt brothers, multiple businesses—to run.



As AMEK’s advisory team, we serve as Andrew’s sounding board, helping him strategically manage the company’s growth in all seasons. We also work to mitigate AMEK’s tax risk every year and help the family understand and keep track of its complicated tax filings.



Being able to strategically focus on their business (and not worry about their taxes) has given the Schmidt brothers a clear path ahead. Today, they continue to add high-caliber professionals to their team while delivering intentional and impressive remodeling projects.

“I look to Abdo not only as a tax accountant, but as a trusted advisor I can bounce ideas off of whenever needed.”

—Andrew Schmidt, AMEK Design + Build CEO



25+ years AMEK Design + Build has been in business

3 brothers on the AMEK Design + Build ownership team

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