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2023 Minnesota Legislative Webinar Series: Implications for Every Employer

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Addressing major workplace changes for every Minnesota employer

The 2023 Minnesota legislative session wrapped up with the passage of some of the broadest and most sweeping employment-related regulations in decades, with mandates involving everything from employee paid leaves, to drug testing, to employee non-compete agreements. These new regulations are rolling out between now and 2026 and demand action from every single Minnesota employer.

Abdo’s HR Advisors and the Blethen Berens law firm partnered to provide you with the most critical information and changes affecting your workforce by offering a four-part webinar series. The 2023 Minnesota Legislative Webinar Series broke down each major area of legislation, raise critical employer decision points, and provided clear next steps to help you prepare for and comply with the upcoming changes.

This webinar series was presented in order of regulatory rollout timelines and designed to provide leaders and decision makers with the right information and insight at the right time. Sessions are designed to ensure you leave with:
  • Clarity related to the specific impacts of each regulation and how they apply to your unique organization.
  • Prioritization of the most critical and time sensitive compliance decisions so you can focus on “first things first.”
  • Identification of your key internal systems, policies, and practices that will require review, updates, and/or development.
  • Proactive awareness of operational challenges, barriers, or risks that you’ll likely be faced with related to the regulatory compliance.
Sessions have already been held, but a summary of each is available below along with recordings and slide decks.


Part 1: Non-compete Agreement Restrictions

New restrictions to non-competes, non-solicitation and other restrictive covenant agreements effective on July 1, 2023

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Part 2: Minnesota Employee Safe & Sick Leave  Deep Dive and Minnesota Paid Family & Medical Leave Overview

New mandatory paid Sick & Safe leave requirements for all Minnesota employees, effective on January 1, 2024, and an overview of the additional Minnesota Paid Family & Medical Leave laws

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Part 3: Legalized Marijuana and Employer Drug Testing Policies

Impact of marijuana legalization on drug testing, discipline, and on-premises possession in Minnesota effective August 1, 2023

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Part 4: Minnesota Paid Family & Medical Leave Deep Dive

Detailed overview of the new Minnesota Paid Family Leave legislation effective January 1, 2026

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We know there is a lot of information to digest. Our team of HR & Payroll advisors is here for you. If you are looking for additional assistance with Handbook Updates, ESSL or FMLA Consulting, Drug Policy Review, or other HR issues, please fill out this brief survey and we will be in touch to follow up with you.


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