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Annual Cycle of Payroll & HR Best Practices

March 31, 2023

From payroll and compliance requirements to strategic initiatives that will move your organization forward, our team wants to make sure your team stays on track all year long. Look ahead to what’s in store for your organization and reach out to Abdo’s HR & Payroll advisors to discuss your questions and challenges.


  • Quarterly and annual payroll tax filings due »
  • Check accruals and rollovers of HSA, PTO and 410K for eligible employees
  • Audit open enrollment elections / payroll for calendar year benefit plans
  • Review leadership succession plans


  • CMS reporting for calendar year health plans with prescription drug coverage
  • Prepare and post OSHA Form 300 for covered employers
  • Forms 1095 / 1094 for ACA
  • Complete PERA reporting requirements for government employers
  • Review staffing and recruitment initiatives and processes


  • OSHA electronic reporting for covered employers
  • Schedule lunches or check-ins with important vendors
  • Don’t forget: Employee Appreciation Day!
  • Review of diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives


  • EEO-1 report data collection starts for covered employers
  • Quarterly payroll tax filings due
  • Review training programs (goals / ROI, outcomes, gaps, future needs)


  • Employee file audit / file destruction
  • Review handbook for updates
  • Mental health awareness initiatives


  • Mid year benefit review for calendar year plans »
  • Plan summer employee event
  • Review summer vacation plans to identify any gaps


  • Quarterly payroll tax filings due
  • Review workplace safety and wellness policies, trainings and programs
  • Review employee turnover and retention


  • Review PTO / VACATION / SICK reminder to employees with balances »
  • Start planning for open enrollment »


  • Summary Annual Reports (SAR) for ERISA Compliance
  • Review current technology for efficiency and improvement opportunities


  • Medicare Part D notices due
  • Quarterly payroll filings due
  • Confirm completed W-9’s on file for all Independent Contractors
  • Confirm beneficiary, mailing addresses and emergency contact information is up to date for employees
  • Emotional Wellness Month initiatives


  • Determine payroll adjustments for taxable fringe benefits
  • FSA balance and carryover reminders to employees
  • Evaluate performance review process and plan for next year
  • Review HR Budget for current year and set for next year


  • Confirm retirement plan notice and reporting requirements
  • Compliance Audit (I-9, records retention, state / local minimum wage, state / local leave requirements, postings / notices)


Strategic tasks – the timeline for strategic tasks is recommended, but can change to fit your needs

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With experience and empathy, Leah develops customized solutions to help employers solve their people challenges.

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