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2023 Minnesota Legislative Recap Series for Employers

Minnesota state capitol building


As you’ve likely heard, the latest Minnesota legislative session passed a series of bills that will impact every employer in the state. This four-part webinar series will break down each major piece of legislation to manageable pieces and leave you with clear next steps on how to identify and comply with the upcoming changes.

These webinars will give employers the critical details of the new law with a focus primarily on helping leaders and decision makers understand the following:

  • How the legislation details impact their organizations specifically
  • Which key decisions need to be made in order to comply
  • Which Internal systems, policies, and practices need to be updated or implemented
  • What kinds of operational challenges or risks should employers be prepared for related to these new regulations

The goal of these webinars will be to provide information and insight, so employers leave knowing what to focus on first and what action steps to take to get started. You may register for all sessions or pick the ones that apply to you.

Part 1: Non-compete Agreements

June 6, 2023   |   10:00 – 11:30 AM   |   Focusing on new law in Minnesota bans non-compete agreements for most employees in the state.

Part 2: Employee Safe and Sick Leave

June 19, 2023   |   10:00 AM – 12:00 PM   |   New Minnesota Safe and Sick Leave law requires employers to provide employees with up to 5 days of paid sick leave each year.

Part 3: Legalized Marijuana and Minnesota Drug Testing

July 11, 2023   |   10:00 – 11:30 AM   |   Explore the impact of marijuana legalization on drug testing, discipline, and on-premises possession in Minnesota.

Part 4: Minnesota Paid Family Leave

August 1, 2023   |   10:00 – 11:30 AM   |   Detailed overview of the new Minnesota Paid Family Leave legislation and its impact on employers.


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Note: A recording of the meeting, slide deck, and a short survey will be sent within 2 business days of the conclusion of each session.


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Leah Davis, CPA

With experience and empathy, Leah develops customized solutions to help employers solve their people challenges.

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