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Why We’re Here: Accelerating Our Clients’ Growth

January 11, 2017

Recently, we were inspired by Simon Sinek, author of “Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action,” to define the “why” behind our role as a CPA firm:

“We’re here because business owners and governments need solutions to their challenges—not a commodity product. Through our dedication to teamwork, development and relationships, we will help our clients thrive.”

The following is part of a series illustrating our “why.” In sharing these stories, we hope to strengthen our sense of purpose—and to perhaps inspire you in discovering yours. 

We provide accounting services to the shareholders of a commercial contracting business. Over the past several years, the business has taken advantage of numerous opportunities for expansion, and has enjoyed substantial growth as a result. This growth has greatly increased the number of entities the shareholders are involved with—from two to approximately 20. 

It’s all great news, of course. But like any change, it has not been without challenges. 

One of the most time-consuming challenges the shareholders faced was related to banking. Every time they began to work with a new entity, they were asked to provide personal and business financial statements, as well as personal and business tax information. Because the business was growing so rapidly, they had not been able to develop a process for managing this volume of information. 

This is where we were able to help. 

To streamline this process for shareholders, we helped them build their personal financial statements. Then, we compiled these, along with their business financial statements and tax information, into a secure electronic storage folder accessible through the Abdo, Eick & Meyers website. With easy online access to these documents, the shareholders have been able to significantly accelerate the process of obtaining financing to support the business’s next phase of growth. Their banking partners have appreciated the increased organization and level of detail, too. 

It made our day to hear that we helped our clients move forward more quickly, and we’re excited to see what’s next for them and the business. 

The opportunity to play a role in our clients’ successes is, after all, the reason we’re here. 

Until next time,

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