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Build-to-rent communities: A real estate opportunity for you?

Build-to-rent communities have become a mainstay on the Arizona real estate scene. Could this could be a good real estate opportunity for you?

New & Improved: 45L Energy efficient home tax credit

The 45L energy efficient home tax credit has been around since 2006. But the Inflation Reduction Act has significantly enhanced the tax credit’s benefits. Find out why you should consider giving it another look.

Measuring credit losses on financial statements

Under the “current expected credit loss” (CECL) model, entities will will need to consider all forward-looking information when determining allowances for credit losses. Here’s what you need to know about the model.

Manufacturers: Are you making the most of the general business credit?

If your manufacturing company is looking to reduce its tax bill, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the general business credit. Check out the key points and reach out to our team to discuss.

Selling your home for a big profit? Here are the tax rules

If you’re selling your home – or you already sold it – in 2023, some or all of the profit may be tax-free. It depends on the amount of profit and your income. Take a look at the basic rules.

Guaranteeing a loan to your corporation? There may be tax implications

If your corporation defaults on a loan that you guarantee, there may be tax consequences. You don’t want to be caught unaware.

Is your governmental entity’s investment policy still relevant?

Markets have changed rapidly over the last year. Interest rates and costs are continuing to rise. Is your governmental entity’s investment policy keeping up?

Reporting UTPs on your financial statements

Should your company report tax positions taken (or to be taken) on tax returns before they’re resolved with the tax authorities? Check out this overview of the rules for uncertain tax positions (UTPs) under GAAP.

179D Tax Deduction: What contractors should know

Are you a contractor, architect, engineer, or designer who has worked on tax-exempt buildings? If so, you could qualify for the 179D Commercial Building Energy Tax Deduction.

Don’t let these 5 things stop your nonprofit organization from growing

Growing your nonprofit organization requires more than a well-crafted strategy. You also need efficient administrative processes. Discover five tips for enhancing your organization’s processes.

What your organization should know about GASB 96

If your organization is like most, it maintains several—if not dozens—of software subscriptions. Now, thanks to GASB Statement No. 96, your organization will need to account for and disclose these subscriptions.

Pocket a tax break for making energy-efficient home improvements

Have you heard there’s an enhanced tax credit for making energy-efficient home improvements, beginning this year? Check out these rules.