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Compass Analytics for Local Governments

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Take your city’s reporting to a new level with better visibility, actionable insights, and real-time data analysis.

Compass is an interactive, comprehensive, and real-time reporting tool that provides cities with actionable and timely information to monitor the performance of and make decisions for their city. It contains reports on financial performance, utilities, tax rates, building permits, HR, community growth, and community safety. Our team of data experts work with you and our government accounting and auditing teams to create a reporting tool that is relevant, time-saving, and actionable. Through a web browser and our customizable dashboards, your city management team simply clicks on a link to securely access your data dashboards and make real-time decisions for your everyday operations and large-scale projects.

User-friendly Dashboards

Our dashboards help simplify your city’s data and track the information that matters most in your decision-making*.

Revenues & expenditures


Revenue sources

Utility dashboard

Building permits

*data primarily pulled from city’s Banyon database

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Driving Strategic Direction

With this data at your fingertips, your team is empowered to quickly pivot and adjust to changing conditions and make important strategic decisions with confidence. Dashboards that are designed to be used with CCH Practice Management and CCH Axcess can answer questions such as:

Which clients are most profitable?

How can I understand staff utilization, effective rate, and productivity year-over-year?

What is the change in cash receipts for each department or line of business?

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Real-Time Insights, Real Results: Drive Performance with Compass Data

Is your data more of a puzzle than a path to success? You’re not alone. Many leaders struggle to translate data into actionable insights for their teams.

How one nonprofit addressed their unique financial challenges

Nonprofits like Minnesota-based Project for Pride in Living need specialized accounting software capable of addressing the distinctive challenges of the industry and that can handle shifting and changing circumstances in every area of the organization.

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With nearly 40 years of experience, Dan helps organizations leverage data and technology to increase business intelligence and create actionable insights.