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October 17, 2013

At Abdo, Eick & Meyers, listening is a big deal. So much so that the firm has based its entire process off of the simple act of lending an ear. Here’s what we’ve heard about why the firm thinks listening is so important.

Abdo, Eick & Meyers takes a well-thought-out, carefully planned approach to serving clients. The process—which is best described as how the firm serves its clients—begins with time set aside for listening. “Taking time to listen to our clients allows us to get a clear picture of their goals and challenges—and determine how we can help,” says Managing Partner Steve McDonald.

In addition to listening at the start of its process, the firm proactively listens to clients by conducting research calls. Known internally as “Listening Opportunities,” these calls help staff members keep up with clients. “Of course we want to make sure they’re satisfied with our service,” explains Steve, “but we also use the calls as an opportunity to check in, see what’s changed, and make sure our clients are getting what they need.”

What the firm has heard has led to several new initiatives. “We started AEM Insight after we heard business owners say they needed help with long-term planning and AEM Financial Solutions after cities told us they were having issues with their finance department,” says Steve. “Another example is AEM Experience—a program we created in response to students’ needs to ‘test-drive’ a career in accounting.”

Steve says the firm’s commitment to listening extends throughout the organization, and even shows up in internal training programs. “We don’t just talk the talk,” he says. “All of our people complete listening training so we can better hear—and serve—our clients.”

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