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Post-pandemic Turnover & Retention

In this episode of Beyond the Mic, Leah Davis and Brenna Ramy are joined by Steve McDonald, Managing Partner of Abdo. Listen in as they discuss the important questions facing employers in this post-pandemic environment and challenge you to ask the same questions about your own organization.

Hygiene Horror Stories: Navigating Difficult Conversations About Hygiene in the Workplace

One of the most complicated and nuanced conversations you may need to have as an HR professional involves a discussion with an employee about their hygiene in the workplace. While there are many personal and cultural factors to consider when working through these issues, the way you handle this topic really gets to the heart of human resources and underscores the true value that an HR team can bring to an organization.

Correct Worker Classifications

With a new season approaching, many employers find themselves getting ready to bring on summer interns, seasonal workers, or temp hires. But no matter what season it may be, your HR department should understand the nuances between different worker classifications and how to implement them.

Remote Work

Summer is around the corner and in this new work-from-home-friendly environment, many employers may find themselves with employees who are asking to work from the cabin, the beach, or a similarly relaxing summer location. While this may seem like a simple request, employers and HR teams have some important implications to consider before approving a new work-from-home location.

Impacts of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) on Human Resources

In this new episode of Beyond the Mic, Tamara Hastings, Leah Davis, and Brenna Ramy will focus on how ARPA’s provisions will impact businesses and organizations when it comes to these human resources topics. They discuss what you need to know, what you should be doing, and the conversations you should be having with your organization’s leadership about these changes.


In this new episode, Leah Davis and Tamara Hastings talk about what compensation encompasses, what to consider when you begin the conversation with your organization’s leadership and more.

Love Contracts (Minisode)

February is the season of love. Learn about some of the risks, policy considerations, and best practices for how your organization handles workplace relationships.

The Annual HR Lifecycle

HR and payroll professionals can often find themselves buried under administrative and compliance-related tasks. In this episode, we discuss the tactical and practical items you should consider from an HR and payroll perspective as you move through each year.

FFCRA & CARES Act | Updated Information for Employers

Listen in for a comprehensive overview of what you need to know now as an employer – from what changes have recently taken effect to how you can anticipate further changes as the situation in our communities and our country continues to evolve.

Helping Organizations Realize Their Potential Through Process Improvement

Do you ever hear the phrase “because we have always done it this way”? Join Jean McGann and Geniene Scherer as they discuss the benefits of our AEM ProEval approach for operational reviews to meet you where you are—and guide you to where you want to go.

COVID-19 | FEMA Reimbursements & Single Audit Considerations

Bonnie Schwieger and Layne Kockelman provide details on what emergency protective measures are eligible for FEMA reimbursement, considerations for single audits when it comes to FEMA reimbursement, as well as internal controls related to changing work environments and single audits.

COVID-19 | Budget Considerations for Cities

Join Jean McGann and Victoria Holthaus from AEM Financial Solutions as they discuss the COVID-19 outbreak and how this crisis may impact your city’s upcoming budget considerations for 2020 and 2021.