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HG&K Client FAQ

May 31, 2023

As of Thursday, June 1, 2023, HG&K is joining with Abdo! The newly combined firm will continue to operate under the Abdo name, with shared values, brand, and vision. We anticipate that you will have questions about the merger. This FAQ resource should address most common questions, but we also encourage you to reach out if you have any others. Contact information can be found within the FAQs.

Why are you joining Abdo?

HG&K is taking the next step to create value for clients and enhance business performance, while also providing opportunities for their employees to grow. Abdo is a well-known and respected full-service accounting and advisory firm based in Minnesota with over 60 years of experience. Both firms have a shared focus on clients and industries, as well as a strong commitment to quality, exceptional client service and the community, making this a natural progression to secure the growth of our firm for our people and our clients.

What type of transaction is this and when is it effective?

The partners and employees of HG&K, LTD. are joining the assurance, tax and advisory firm of Abdo, LLP. Abdo is acquiring substantially all the assets of HG&K, LTD. The closing is targeted to take place on June 1, 2023, at which time we will begin serving HG&K clients as Abdo.

How long will the transition period take, and what can clients expect during this time?

HG&K has officially become part of Abdo on June 1, 2023. Some changes will take place after that date, but you can be assured that you will remain in good hands throughout the process. These changes include contact information for your engagement team and staff of the firm, and in payment systems and billing information. Within 30 days of the merger date, clients should be fully integrated into communication and billing systems with their team at Abdo.

Will your contact information change?

Some of it will change. After the closing, our email addresses will follow the format of The HG&K office location will remain at 5850 Opus Parkway, Suite 100, Minnetonka, MN 55343, and the main office phone number will remain as (952) 979-1140.

Will there be any change to the services offered?

Although Abdo and HG&K have similar industry expertise and service offerings, this merger is a strategic move to provide a broader range of solutions that will ultimately benefit clients of both firms. By joining forces, we are able to expand our capabilities and deliver even more comprehensive services.

Will the partner I am accustomed to working with and/or my engagement team change?

We do not anticipate making any changes in personnel at this time. HG&K clients will continue to work with the same people they know and trust and receive the same level of exceptional service they have come to expect. At some point, we may choose to add new members to the engagement team if we see ways to enhance your experience.

Now that you are a larger firm, where does my company fit in among your priority clients?

We understand that one of the things you have come to appreciate about HG&K is our responsiveness. This will not change. In fact, having more resources will enhance our services to our clients. Your business is important to us, and we will continue to serve your needs in the same exceptional manner as we have in the past.

Will the merger affect the deadlines for submitting tax returns or financial statements?

Both Abdo and HG&K are committed to making this transition as seamless for clients as possible, and we do not foresee any impact on our ability to continue to provide you with the same attention and quality of work you’ve come to expect. You will continue to work with the same team who will provide you with clear and consistent communication throughout the process.

How will the merger impact the confidentiality of client information and data security?

Abdo takes security very seriously and has a number of systems in place to ensure the safety of client data. The merger will not put any client information or confidentiality at risk. All firm staff use dual authentication to ensure login security, all data is saved on redundant servers and data centers and is backed up continually to prevent data loss, and all electronic communications are scanned for viruses to prevent digital threats or attacks. Abdo’s cloud platform, Azure, is globally trusted by companies and governments for the numerous security compliance standards they adhere to.

How will I make payments following the merger?

If you have received an invoice from HG&K, the payment should go to HG&K. Future invoices from Abdo will be paid to Abdo. Clients will need to update their payment systems to reflect the change from HG&K to Abdo. Our physical address will remain the same.

Will clients have to adjust to a new communication process or system for working with Abdo?

Abdo utilizes an online client portal for sharing files and documents, but communications between clients and staff occur via email or by phone.

If I have concerns about the transaction, who do I share them with?

Please contact any member of your current engagement team, including the partner in charge of your engagement, at any time with questions. They will ensure you receive an immediate response.

What if I have a question that wasn’t addressed here?

Please feel free to reach out to your team at HG&K for any additional questions you may have, or you can email and we will connect you with the right person to respond to your inquiry.

Where can I learn more about Abdo?

We encourage anyone who wants to learn more about Abdo to browse this website or follow Abdo on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

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