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August 15, 2013

 What we heard from Dave Fleck, CFO of Vital Hosting…

When Dave Fleck began working with Al Landgraff, a business partner in Abdo, Eick & Meyers’ Mankato office, in 1981, he was impressed with Al’s professionalism and ability to provide the answers he was looking for. Most of all, he liked that Al was fun to work with.

Today, as CFO of Vital Hosting, a Minneapolis-based colocation server hosting provider, Dave is grateful for his long-standing relationship with Al. “I’m never worried about things being missed,” says Dave. “At this point, it’s a friendship as much as it is a need for accounting services.”

Throughout his career as a small business operator, Dave has been faced with everything from making strategic decisions to overseeing general business operations. Through it all, he’s relied on Al’s counsel and advice. “We’ve never done anything without first consulting Al,” says Dave, “from leasing vehicles to making major changes in our business model.”

Dave describes working with Al as a “business partnership that developed into a friendship over time.” He says he appreciates that Al speaks his language and not “accounting-speak.” Something he doesn’t appreciate? “His jokes,” says Dave with a laugh. “He has the worst Ole and Lena jokes of all time!”

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