CD Bradshaw

We recommend Compass as the shortcut to your Firm’s Scorecard. The Compass Team is easy to work with and have true working knowledge of what a CPA Firm wants/needs to be monitoring to be efficient and profitable.

—Dawnell Shadden, Firm Administrator


We selected Compass to assist us with the gathering of firm and employee information in a quick and efficient way. Gathering information from our practice management system was difficult, time consuming, and frustrating. The initial value we have received from Compass is the efficient, quick way we are able to get information. There is no need to run reports in our Practice Management software. The information is on the dashboard without having to take time to run a report or multiple reports.

—Kim Fitzgerald, PAFM, Director

We subscribed to the Compass software as we were in need of a user friendly method of reviewing our firm’s KPIs in real time, not via reports provided once a month. We found value having immediate access to our information all in one place. It is not only a significant time saver, but it provides transparency to all users on the Compass platform.

—Sue Watson, COO & Executive Vice President

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Through Sage Intacct, Palmer Bus Service has streamlined accounting workflows and reduced reporting time, allowing the team to focus on data-driven decision-making.

Real-Time Insights, Real Results: Drive Performance with Compass Data

Is your data more of a puzzle than a path to success? You’re not alone. Many leaders struggle to translate data into actionable insights for their teams.


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Our experience delivers proactive problem-solving for any challenge.

Dan Alstrup, Senior Manager, Consulting & Advisory

With nearly 40 years of experience, Dan helps organizations leverage data and technology to increase business intelligence and create actionable insights.