Recovery and Readiness for Organizations

AEM Recovery Readiness Check-in

How are your people, your cash flow, and your organization going to move forward into 2021 – and beyond?

As this new world continues to turn, organizations have found themselves grappling with the realities of the now and the uncertainties of the future. But resiliency is being shown in the face of adversity and we want to help you find that resiliency within your own organization and move forward into 2021 knowing what the future holds and what you need to do to make it there.

How confident are you in your ability to recover from challenges that cause disruptions in your business?

Are your employees on the same page as leaders in your organization?

Do you have a crisis recovery plan that provides you with confidence in your organization’s ability to move productively into the next year?

We’ve designed a process to determine what your unique needs and challenges are. From there, we customize an action plan to help your organization address challenges as you move through the business recovery phase.

Step 1 | Deciphering the Complexity of Your Situation
Step 2 | Identifying Your Unique Position
Step 3 | Implementing & Executing an Action Plan
Step 1 | Deciphering the Complexity of Your Situation

We’ll analyze each aspect of your current situation – from your PPP loan and forgiveness application to your cash flow and Human Resources considerations. Knowing where your organization stands in these key recovery areas will help you to gauge where you’re headed as we move into the new year.

Step 2 | Identifying Your Unique Position

Where needed, we would recommend and AEM Recovery Assessment, which provides an in-depth look at your risk areas, compliance concerns, and where your strategic focus will get the most traction. We’ll help you map out a clear path forward.

Step 3 | Implementing & Executing an Action Plan

Once we’ve assessed your organization’s current position, our team of experts will make recommendations to help you decide your next steps. If you’d like to take us along on your journey, our AEM Recovery Plan services will offer a truly comprehensive plan to gain the traction you’re looking for so you can move proactively forward into next year.

Are you ready to find out where your recovery confidence level is at compared to other organizations like yours? 

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