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Operations Consulting

The Operations Team at Abdo, Eick & Meyers are experts in driving change through a combination of cross-functional collaboration and strategic focus. 

Transforming to an efficient, highly effective process is not easy. That is why we do not just consult on what you should do, we walk the journey with you. Delivering measurable and sustainable solutions is just the beginning. Through continuous learning, we educate and grow your existing and Future Leaders, Change Agents and Partners to ensure your process improvement journey continues.  

Through strategic planning, we will help you drive measurable results that allow you to break through the status quo. Partner with us to propel your organization into a new era of efficiency, growth, and success.

Operations consulting

Chad Heggestad, Operations Consultant

Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt (LSSBB)
Chad.Heggestad@aemCPAs.com | Direct Line (952) 449.6241

Let us Help Your Organization Go From Good to Great!

Our team starts by mapping out key processes to help you define, measure, and analyze your overall operations. Following a pragmatic, problem-solving approach, we focus on minimizing wasteful efforts and maximizing efficiencies.

With a high-level look at your organization’s status quo, you’re able to better
understand where you’re headed. We’re with you at every step, bolstering your continuous improvement efforts along the way.

Your Organization May Benefit from Operational Consulting if…

Your top line is growing but your bottom line isn’t keeping pace

You’re looking to drastically improve the flow of your processes

Your team needs to collectively see and improve operational challenges

You’re in need of ways to unlock productivity and collaboration

You’re unable to deliver with existing space and resources

You wish to invest in the only asset that appreciates over time: your people.

Helping You Improve Performance to Drive Profitability

No two operational challenges are alike, but they almost always have one thing in common: they’re guaranteed to keep you up at night. Whether you’re grappling with increasing profitability or seeing necessary changes on the horizon, we can help! Contact us today to begin your business transformation to help you reach your financial goals. 

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